Are you ready to step into your power?

your coach through pregnancy, birth & beyond

My mission is to help you unleash your POWER within.

Do you desire a birth where YOU are the ultimate authority?
Every decision made is YOURS to make.

Do you want to workout during your entire pregnancy?
Are you tired of just being told what not to do? 

After experiencing my own two pregnancies and births, I discovered my true help other moms have the birth of their dreams, feel empowered throughout their pregnancy, and step into motherhood feeling strong AF.

So let's freaking do it!

How I had the most life-changing birth...

I went from being completely terrified of birth, unable to speak up for myself and what I wanted, and soo resistant to the changes happening to my body to having THE most amazing, magical, and powerful unmedicated, physiological, home birth on MY terms!

These two scenarios were 2 years apart. One was the birth of my first daughter and one was the birth of my second. Let me tell you, these births were NIGHT AND DAY different. I got into birth work because my second birth was SO freaking amazing. I saw how life-changing birth can be and that is has the power to change the rest of your life. I seriously wish for every mom to experience this magical life event because IT. IS. POSSIBLE.

Having an empowering experience does not happen by just "going with the flow" and just doing "whatever your provider thinks is best". Having an empowering experience happens when you train for it, when you mentally and physically prepare, when you have the right support, when you are fully educated, and when you trust your body 100%. Pregnancy and birth are like running a marathon. You wouldn't just show up to a marathon without ever having walked or run before...well maybe you would but that sounds like a terrible experience. To run a marathon, you would train and get ready for the event. This is what it takes to have the birth of your dreams. So let's train together and make it happen! 

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Mommy Coaching

I am here to serve as your doula, support system and coach through every step of your pregnancy, birth & beyond.

Pregnancy/Birth Doula Support
Pregnancy/Postpartum Custom Online Workouts
In-Person/Virtual Personal Training
Postpartum Doula Support

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 Build muscle, strengthen your core & pelvic floor, and prepare your body for birth & postpartum recovery. Choose in-person/virtual coaching or custom online programming.

Birth Doula Support

always trusting your mama intuition. advocating for you and your baby. providing resources so you can make informed decisions & Supporting you and your partner on the most magical day!

Birth Plan

Be fully informed and educated so you can feel empowered and confident in your birth preferences. learn to say no to whatever you don't want!

Emotional Support

Unpack your fears and anxieties about childbirth. process your previous births. find your voice. Leave anything that does not serve you behind.

Pre-Natal Stretching

Instructed Stretching and body scans to improve mindfulness, flexibility, comfort, and overall health during pregnancy.

Healthy Eating

How to eat healthy while pregnant & postpartum, deal with cravings, and rebalance your gut.

Pranic Healing

Balance, harmonize, and transform your body's energy processes.

Postpartum Care

breastfeeding tips, emotional support, newborn care, and guidance on safely returning to exercise when you are ready.

Are You Ready?

Close your eyes for a moment and visualize the pregnancy & birth you desire. Now let me tell you...YOU have all the power to make it happen. YOU are the authority of YOUR journey! I will be here as your support person, your coach, your hype woman, or however else you want me to be!

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What my clients are saying...

Read what a few of my happy clients have to say about my customized fitness plans, coaching and doula services.

Let's Work Together

"The truth is I have worked with a countless number of trainers in different stages of my life, but I have never worked with anyone who showed more kindness, attention to detail, compassion and overwhelming love for what she does and who she is with. What separates her from the others is greatness. She truly wants you to be your best self and it shows in her dedication to her craft and in my specific situation, her love for moms and the pregnancy process!"


“Taylor is an exceptional trainer, super knowledgeable in all areas pregnancy and postpartum, and just overall a great person. I felt so comfortable in her hands while training and staying healthy while pregnant. She answered all my constant questions regarding pregnancy and postpartum relating to training and outside of training. She truly cares about you and your growing babe to be as healthy as possible. She is very professional and has also become a dear friend. I can’t say enough great things about her as a person; get and stay healthy with Taylor!"


"Taylor is extremely inspiring for not just her explosive energy and contagious positivity, but because she is genuine and honest in her work. Her workouts lift my spirit and give me a refreshing and bright outlook on the day ahead."


"Coach Tay is amazing! She has been so helpful throughout my journey, both while I was pregnant, as well as, during my recovery postpartum. She is positive, upbeat and always inspiring me to be the best version of myself. And her workouts are fun! My baby & I are grateful for her support"

Answers To

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We're here to help!

Who is Mindful Mommy Coaching for?

Whether you are pregnant, looking to become pregnant, have just given birth, or your child is 10 years old, Mindful Mommy Coaching is for you! Dedicated to helping women make positive changes in their lives, Coach Tay will work with you at whatever stage of life you are in as your pregnancy/postpartum coach, and/or birth doula!

What is included in the packages?

We have a variety of packages and offerings. Packages can include 1-on-1 coaching calls throughout your entire pregnancy/postpartum to answer all of your questions and concerns, customized birth doula services (including prenatal/postpartum appointments), online customized pre/post natal fitness programming, and in-person/virtual personal training sessions.

Can we still work together if I don't live nearby?

Yes, personal training sessions and doula services are offered virtually via Zoom. All online programming is through a customized mobile app so you can get the workouts directly on your phone with video demonstration! 

What are you doing to comply with COVID-19 regulations?

All in-person sessions are individual private sessions with coach and client. Clients are welcome to wear masks during their training sessions or prenatal/postpartum appointments, but are not required. We use commercial grade germicide on all equipment after each session. Virtual training sessions and doula services are available to those that live far away or would feel most comfortable staying home.

What is your cancellation policy?

All contracts are binding. Mindful Mommy Coaching does not offer refunds on coaching services. In person/virtual training sessions require 24 hours notice for cancellations. Doula prenatal and postpartum appointments require 48 hours notice. Sessions not cancelled in advance within the aforementioned time frames will be forfeited. If you are ill, or have been in close contact with someone who is ill, please reschedule your session. Training when you are ill not only takes your body’s attention off of recovering from the illness, but also puts the coach and other clients at risk of being ill too. Please adhere to the above cancellation policy and cancel your session if you are ill.

Monthly subscription packages require a 30 days notice for cancellation. You will have access to your online workouts through the mobile app for 30 days after cancellation to allow time for downloads.

I have some more questions, how can I get in touch with you?

Please reach out to Coach Tay at or call/text 714-625-1293. Please allow 24 hours for response, Monday-Friday during normal business hours.