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By preparing yourself both mentally and physically, surrounding yourself with the right support system, fully trusting in your body and its capabilities, and educating yourself on the birth process... say hellooo to an empowered birth

Mindful Mommy Coaching is here for you every step of the way so let's get started! 

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Doula Support

Pregnancy and birth is an incredibly sacred time when a woman transitions from maiden to mother. I believe how a woman feels during this time can have such a profound impact as she enters motherhood. I want my clients to feel empowered throughout their pregnancy, birth and postpartum journeys whether that is through fitness, my doula services, or a combo of both!

"It'll be a few days maybe weeks before we can accurately put into words how much we love and appreciate you. Having you with us was an answer to prayer - several prayers we didn't even know we'd be praying. Thank you for everything. You mean the world to us. Seriously, Taylor. Your guidance, support, affirmation, and patience helped us get to a place that we wouldn't be able to on our own".

Aby & Dom (Birth Doula Clients)

"I loved working with Taylor during my pregnancy! She answered all my questions each month and really helped me prepare for my doctor's visits. We are still working together now after I just had my baby and being able to have her as a resource has been amazing!"


"I LOVED my pregnancy workouts from Coach Tay. It was great to have personalized workouts each week that I could do on my own schedule. I already have a toddler at home so getting to the gym is a challenge. Taylor programmed the workouts so I could do them at home with my limited equipment and it was always the right amount of push without being too much for me."

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My comprehensive Doula Package includes pregnancy, birth & postpartum support! So what's included?

Unlimited Prenatal Support

Text, DM, email or let's plan an actual phone call...yes those still can happen today!

Don't go through your pregnancy alone. Ask me all your questions and know that I am here for you!

Prenatal Appointments

2 prenatal appointments approx. 90 minutes each in your home! 

During your prenatal visits (or calls if we are virtual), we will create your birth plan and discuss how I can support you and your partner best on your birthing day. I will provide evidence-based information and resources so you can make informed decisions and feel confident in your choices. We will practice early labor positions, breath work (this will help with pushing your baby out), and discuss pain coping strategies. Do you have any fears or anxieties about your upcoming birth? We can talk it out together. Do you have a previous birth that still needs processing? I am here for you every step of the way. Mentally preparing for birth is SO important and trusting in your intuition and your body is the key to the empowering, birth experience that you desire!

Labor & Birth Support

Ahhh your birthing day!! 

I will provide in-person support if you are in the Orange County area or virtual support if you are not close by! By 38 weeks, I will be on call 24/7 and by 37 weeks, I will be within a 2 hour driving distance.

During your birthing time (aka labor) I will provide emotional and physical support, helping you with positioning & relaxation techniques. I will advocate for you every step of the way and your baby once they are born.

I can take photos & videos too...on your Iphone! Please don't expect professional photos however the new phones these days are 🔥 so they will still look great! 

Postpartum Support

1 postpartum visit approx. 2 hours.

Breastfeeding tips, processing your birth, emotional support, holistic-minded recovery, newborn care...we'll discuss it all. Let's tackle the fourth trimester together!

Are You Ready?

I believe every woman deserves to feel safe, loved, heard, supported and powerful during her pregnancy and birth. Birth has the POWER to change lives and it is my mission for each of my clients to step into their true power and see all that they are capable of.

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