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I believe every woman deserves to feel safe, loved, heard, supported and powerful during her pregnancy and birth. Birth has the POWER to change lives and it is my mission for each of my clients to step into their true power and see all that they are capable of.

Are You Ready?

I can't wait to help guide you on your amazing journey - start taking charge of your changing body and build confidence for your big day in the deliver room and onwards.

What we offer

Mindful Mommy Coaching Packages

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Fitness programs

Custom Online Fitness Programming

Wouldn't it be nice to...

-Be strong & confident during your pregnancy
-Boost your energy daily
-Strengthen your core & pelvic floor to help with your labor and postpartum recovery
-Improve your sleep
-Be as prepared as possible for labor
-Safely ease back into your exercise routine postpartum when you are ready!?

Well I am here to tell you that it IS possible. You CAN workout during your ENTIRE pregnancy. This will look different for everyone, so let's work together and create a plan that is best for you and your baby! 

What's included: 

-Get customized workouts right on your phone
-Personalized strength workouts every week
-Cardio/HIIT training
-Stretching, warm ups, cool downs for each workout
-Private access to mobile app
-Workouts can be done at-home or in a gym
-Limited equipment necessary
-Great if you have toddlers at home and time is limited
-Unlimited text support
-Video demonstration
-Accountability tracker (yes I will see if you actually do the workouts!) 

Monthly subscriptions start at $195.

60-minute live, one-on-one training sessions are $100 and are on Zoom.
Minimal equipment is needed.

Pregnancy Coach
Postpartum Coach
Fitness Coach
Monthly 1-on-1
private access to mobile app
Video Demonstrations
2-3 Strength workouts/week
Weekly Cardio Workouts
Pelvic Floor & Core Strengthening
Prenatal Flexibility
daily Feedback & communication through mobile app
Schedule a consultation
Doula services

Birth Doula Support

Supporting Boulder County and nearby cities in person. Virtual support is also available! 
What's Included:
30 minute consultation call to see if we're a good fit!

Unlimited text/call/email support throughout your pregnancy.

2 Prenatal Appointments in your home. (2 hours each)

Labor and Birth Support (Via text, call and FaceTime) 

1 Postpartum Appointment (90 minutes) 

Packages start at $1900

30 min consult
Childbirth Education
Virtual Birth Support
prenatal calls
postpartum care
unlimited text support
on-call at 38 weeks
Schedule a consultation
coaching call

60 minute 1-on-1 coaching sesh

Let's talk fitness, pregnancy, birth & postpartum! 

This is for you if you are committed to getting strong (both mentally & physically) AND want an empowering birth! 

Together we will:

-Define your goals and your why
-Create an action plan for your fitness journey
-Unpack any fears and anxieties around pregnancy, labor and birth
-Discuss what YOU want for your birth and then map out a plan
-Talk all things postpartum, newborn care, breastfeeding...the topics are endless! 

You will leave the session feeling confident, informed and ready to step into your POWER and have the birth YOU desire! 

Price per session is $100

What's Included:
1-on-1 Session
Goal Setting
action plans
emotional support
Fitness Guidance
Nutrition Guidance
Postpartum Care recommendations
Birth Plan
all your questions answered
let's book it

Mindfulness means maintaining a moment-by-moment awareness of our thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and surrounding environment, through a gentle, nurturing lens.

Premier Package

Holistic Pregnancy, Fitness, And Life Coach

My premier package includes all of the coaching expertise I have to offer. As your emotional support system through your pregnancy and after, I also serve as your fitness programmer and coach. My premier package also includes 1-on-1 zoom calls and consultations on pregnancy health, fitness, and diet questions. And - possibly the most important of all - I help with postpartum issues and newborn mother transitions - what I call The Fourth Trimester.

I am here as your fitness and health consultant, your mindfulness guide, your pregnancy coach, and so much more. 
What's Included:
Custom Exercises
1-on-1 Calls
Pregnancy Coach
Fitness Coach
Prenatal Flexibility
As Needed 1-hour Consultations
Healthy Eating
Registry Builder
Emotional Support
Preparing for Childbirth
Postpartum Care
Get Started
Personal Package

Start With A 1-On-1 Zoom Fitness Consultation

 I also offer customized fitness programming with monthly consultations and program adjustments, serving as your exclusive fitness and pregnancy life coach. We’ll work together to help you stay healthy and active during your pregnancy journey. I include 2 weekly strength workouts, cardio suggestions, and even monthly program adjustments to best meet your individual fitness goals. Promote healthy weight gain, improve sleep, boost energy, and be as prepared as possible for labor. 

You can subscribe for my custom fitness programming trial by clicking below!

What's Included:
Pregnancy Coach
Fitness Coach
Monthly 1-on-1
2 Workouts/week
Subscribe Now
Lite packages

Download Your Three Trimester Fitness Program

To make sure even the busiest mothers have access to the necessary fitness information, I’ve developed my own pregnancy fitness video course.

Click below to download 3 trimesters worth of fitness videos with yours truly walking you through each warmup, workout, and cool down. 

What's Included:
Instant Access
Workouts for every stage
Comprehensive & easy To Follow
Access When & Where You Want
Download Now

I started training with Taylor in 2018 during a really difficult time in my life. Her patience as I learned new things, knowledge in proper form, and listening ear when I was having a rough day helped me overcome many physical and mental obstacles that I never thought possible. Today I am stronger and more confident than I was before I met her.


Taylor really helped me get back to my exercise routine after having my baby. I was really nervous to get started again after my C-section but Taylor knew exactly what was okay for my body. I am 6 months postpartum and I already feel so strong. I cannot wait to see what my progress will be over the next 6 months. Thank you Taylor!


I had not worked out for a few years after I had my second child. I was very hesitant to start up again and wasn't sure if I could really commit. Taylor worked with me to figure out a schedule I could stick to and because of her accountability I am so proud to say I have been working out for 7 months consistently now, 3x a week, and am almost to my goal weight! My energy level is so much higher, I finally feel like I have muscle again, and overall I am so much happier.

Answers To

Frequently Asked Questions

Have Questions? We're here to help!

Who is Mindful Mommy Coaching for?

Whether you are pregnant, looking to become pregnant, have just given birth, or your child is 10 years old, Mindful Mommy Coaching is for you! Dedicated to helping women make positive changes in their lives, Coach Tay will work with you at whatever stage of life you are in.

What is included in the packages?

We have a variety of packages and offerings. Packages can include monthly virtual calls throughout your entire pregnancy/postpartum to answer all of your questions and concerns, online pre and post natal fitness programming, online fitness programming for weight loss and strength training, virtual and in-person training sessions, as well as virtual or in person life coaching sessions.

Can we still work together if I don't live nearby?

Yes, training sessions can be done virtually via Zoom and all online programming is through a customized mobile app so you can get the workouts directly on your phone with video demonstration!

What are you doing to comply with COVID-19 regulations?

All in-person sessions are individual private sessions with coach and client. Clients are welcome to wear masks during their training sessions, but are not required. We use commercial grade germicide on all equipment after each session. Virtual training and life coaching sessions are available to those that live far away or would feel most comfortable staying home.

What is your cancellation policy?

All contracts are binding. Mindful Mommy Coaching does not offer refunds on coaching services. In person and virtual training and life coaching sessions require 24 hours notice for cancellations. Sessions not cancelled 24 hours in advance will be forfeited. If you are ill, or have been in close contact with someone who is ill, please reschedule your session. Training when you are ill not only takes your body’s attention off of recovering from the illness, but also puts the coach and other clients at risk of being ill too. Please adhere to the above cancellation policy and cancel your session if you are ill.

Monthly subscription packages require a 30 days notice for cancellation. You will have access to your online workouts through the mobile app for 30 days after cancellation to allow time for downloads.

I have some more questions, how can I get in touch with you?

Please reach out to Coach Tay at or call/text 714-625-1293. Please allow 24 hours for response, Monday-Friday during normal business hours.

We are here to help

Have Questions?

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions Page for more information

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