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who says you can't lift weights during your pregnancy...

Yes, every pregnant body is different and no, not every mom is going to be lifting 100+ lbs HOWEVER telling pregnant women to avoid lifting weights, is like telling a mom to not pick up her toddler because her body can't handle it. There is an underlying message that we cannot trust our bodies.

Well let me tell you...you can GET STRONG during your pregnancy, you can MAINTAIN and BUILD muscle & YOUR body will let you know what it needs if you listen to it.

Let's tune into that intuition, work together to come up with a custom fitness plan for you & learn to TRUST your body 100% because it really does know exactly what to do.

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First Trimester

The exhaustion is real!... I'll create a custom fitness plan to guide you safely through your first trimester. Meet with me monthly to goal set, discuss how you are feeling, answer any burning questions, and we'll discuss nutrition so you can start your pregnancy journey off strong! Our check-ins also help me make adjustments each month to your programming so our communication throughout your pregnancy is key! Choose your package and let's get started! 

Second Trimester

Energy might be picking up so can you increase your workouts? I will guide you in these next few months as your body continues to make its incredible transformation. Personalized strength workouts, cardio sessions, and prenatal stretches will be delivered right on your phone daily or meet me at my studio in person or on Zoom! Whatever your goal is...build muscle, have more energy, stay active, gain a healthy amount of weight for you and baby...we will work together to create a plan and make it happen! Remember, whatever you set your mind to...you CAN do it! 

Third Trimester

Home stretch! As your body continues to shift and fatigue sets in, we will continue to work together to keep you moving and staying strong. Overall movement is the MOST important thing when it comes to pregnancy and exercise, not only for your body, but for your mind. Get those endorphins flowing, which will give you a great mood and energy boost! Exercise also helps your body prepare for labor! Remember earlier when I said labor is like preparing for a marathon...you must train in order to get ready for the big event. Your body will be much better equipped to handle the intensity of labor, if you challenge yourself in your workouts and break a sweat! *This looks different for everyone so let's get together and see what works best for you! Also this is not medical advice, just my own personal experience.

The Fourth Trimester & Beyond

My clients always ask me when they can start training again after they have their babies. The answer...it is different for everyone. So many factors go into this such as postpartum recovery, vaginal tears, c-sections, Diastasis Recti, number of babies, etc. Your 5 minute, 6 week postpartum check-up doesn't really tell you much except "You're good to go!". So you're probably wondering WTF can you even do?! We will work closely together to reconnect your pelvic floor & core with your breath. Why should you care about this? Because THIS is your foundation. We will start from the ground up, easing your body back into exercise. The goal of this? So you can be the badass mama that you are and get you back to setting PR's, running races, competing, doing what you love, AND just being able to carry the carseats and get the gigantic strollers in and out of your car because that is the TRUE workout right there. #momlife

"Taylor was truly with me through every step of my pregnancy. She tailored my workouts each week to accommodate how I was feeling and made me feel so strong by the time I delivered my baby! I know this also played a huge role in my smooth postpartum recovery."


"I loved working with Taylor during my pregnancy! She answered all my questions each month and really helped me prepare for my doctor's visits. We are still working together now after I just had my baby and being able to have her as a resource has been amazing!"


"I LOVED my pregnancy workouts from Coach Tay. It was great to have personalized workouts each week that I could do on my own schedule. I already have a toddler at home so getting to the gym is a challenge. Taylor programmed the workouts so I could do them at home with my limited equipment and it was always the right amount of push without being too much for me."

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I started Mindful Mommy Coaching out of a desire to help educate other new and expecting mothers in a way that I wasn’t offered during my own pregnancy. I want my clients to feel empowered when it comes time to meet their baby, whether that is through fitness, my doula services, or a combo of both! Becoming a mother is a life-changing time in your life and I plan to help you through every step of your pregnancy and beyond! 

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